A self-taught photographer, Victor creates imagery by trusting his instinct. He is stirred by his meticulous eye for compelling abstractions, beauty in everyday interactions, surrealist fragments in light and shadow plays, as well as his ability to single out soulful characters with unique, enigmatic faces. From architectural details to portraiture or an intense close up of glimmering drops on a coffee table, Victor never confines himself to one particular genre, and infuses every photograph he takes with his poetic sensibility and a mysterious feel. For him, the camera is a tool to appreciate people and the small wonders that can be found in the mundane, which he transforms into painterly, dreamlike representations by means of playful experimentation — through slow exposures, chasing reflections, purposely blurring or obscuring, plays of colour, dark obscurities, or wherever it is that the flow of the moment takes him.



+0031 (0)6 103 789 01

Rotterdam based

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AMEIOS | Blonde Tigers | Cosmopolitan Netherlands | DGTL | Fashionista Netherlands | Glamour Netherlands | Glamour.nl | JOGHA | Fitgirlcode.com | Fotolab Kiekie | Fullhouse Vastgoed | IMBOS | Matt Models | MUD Jeans | Pin Up Club | Quest Media | Silas | SuperTrash | Stichting Het Vergeten Kind | The Commission Magazine | The Youth Department | Trenchcoat Film | Vogue.nl | Whitelies Magazine 

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